Our backdrops are hand painted and one of a kind.  Use only a two inch margin around the edge of the drop for securing. Our backdrops are acrylic painted canvas. Water, sharp objects and abrasive material coming in contact with the drops will damage them. Please do not use staples.

 All backdrops rolled onto a cardboard tube MUST NOT be folded!

Please be careful. If you must stand on the backdrop, please wipe your shoes clean first. If the model is wearing heels, please use caution to prevent serious damage and tears. In the event of loss, theft, or damage, the client is liable for a replacement or a damage fee.

Returning Backdrops:

When its time to return your backdrop, please ensure to  sweep off any dirt, grass, snow, etc.  before rolling it back on to  the tube. On a clean dry, flat surface, lay the backdrop image side up.  Tape the edge of the backdrop  to the cardboard tube that it was delivered on. Roll the canvas so the painting faces inside. When the canvas has been rolled flush with the tube, tape securely top, middle and bottom with gaffers or duct tape. Never tape onto the image side of the backdrop.