How to Hang a Drop

To avoid damaging the backdrop, make sure the floor is swept clean and dry before unrolling or re-rolling the backdrop. Never tape onto the image side of the backdrop.

Hang Backdrop

Setting Up in a Tight Space

1. Set up two polecats, hi-boys, stands or supports at a distance equal to the width of the backdrop.

2. Clamp a crossbar (wood or metal) to the polecats at desired height for the backdrop.

3. Determine the top of the drop (most drops are rolled horizontally). Place a corner of the top against the crossbar and secure it by stapling or clamping every 12 inches. While one person is unrolling the drop, another is securing it to the crossbar.

4. When taking the drop down, carefully remove the staples and clamps and reroll tightly back onto the tube, securing it with tape at each end and in the middle.

5. The backdrop can also be stapled directly onto a smooth flat wall by the same procedure.

Setting Up in a Large, Open SpaceHang Backdrop

1. Set up the polecats at the desired width. Unroll the backdrop onto the floor. Secure the top of the backdrop to the crossbar.

2. With a person on each end, lift the crossbar to the desired height and clamp it to the polecats.

3. Three or more people are needed to lower the drop to the floor for rerolling. While two people unclamp the crossbar from the polecats, a third person lifts the bottom of the drop as it is lowered, to avoid


Trade Show and Display Hanging

For Trade Show exhibits and special events, we can paint a custom backdrop to fit your existing backwall system.


Through lighting, the mood of any backdrop can be altered. By adjusting the angle and intensity of the light and by the use of light diffusion, a photographer can control contrast. Color variation can be achieved through the use of photographic gels. Problems with uneven draping and excessive glare can frequently be solved by even side lighting and diffusion.