Film, Television, Video, Internet Usage

$575 for up to 3 days; $725 per week; $150 each additional day

Print Advertising / Catalogue

$450 for up to 3 days; $605 per week; $100 each additional day

Display, Event and Trade Show Usage

$450 for up to 3 days; $605 per week; $100 each additional day


$345 for up to 3 days; $560 per week; $100 each additional day

Prop Art

$225 per week

Student(current school ID present)

$345 for up to 3 days

Volume Discounts

There is a 10% discount when 3 or more drops are rented simultaneously.

Please contact us if you need to extend your rental.



Go to our RENTAL BACKDROP section. Click on the category of your choosing. All backdrops are listed by their corresponding number. When you select a thumbnail image the backdrops photo, size and description will appear.

If you are looking for a particular type of backdrop, number (i.e. clouds or i.e. 123) type it in to our SEARCH PAGE

If you are interested in renting any particular backdrops, please E-MAIL a list of the numbers and the date you would need them for your shoot. We welcome you to come take a look at the backdrops in person, but ask that you do call or e-mail to schedule an appointment in advance.

Please review our BACKDROP CARE & HOW TO HANG A BACKDROP sections for more information.

Please keep in mind that  all our backdrops are being rented out frequently so they show some signs of wear, especially within the first 6-8ft where the subject usually stands.




Clients are welcome to use our messenger service at an additional fee within the five boroughs in Manhattan, (please CALL or E-MAIL for rates), or can arrange their own pickup and return.

We offer domestic shipping for all of our clients and can refer you to several reputable companies if international shipping is required for your backdrop. Please call or email us for more information.

Shipping rates are subject to change without notification.

If unforeseen fees are incurred during the shipping process, the client is solely responsible for paying the difference.