A Little About the Staff

Oliphant Studio has  a very friendly staff who enjoy working together and with you.

What are our favorite backdrops?


#1112 – Lola and I worked like crazy on this. It reminds me of that time, which is nice since Lola has moved back to Madrid! (Originally painted for Mark Seliger for GQ Magazine)


#1117 and #95 because they are perfect; nothing extraneous, nothing overdone – just perfectly crafted with skill and care and a great sense of nature. (Originally painted for Marla Weinhoff Studio, #95 was originally painted for Michael Tcherevkoff)


#732 –  The beautiful colors and rolling landscape and clouds make me want to jump right into the backdrop. (Originally painted for an Anna Sui Runway Fashion Week Show)


#726- This drop is so vibrant and happy, it always brightens my day. (Originally painted for an Anna Sui Runway Fashion Week Show)


I have two favorites. #392 is one of them, a beautiful Irving Penn style drop, with wonderful texture (Painted originally for Piers Hanmer). I also love #826, the Bayou Gold drop, since I lived in New Orleans for a while. We used all of the leftover gold paint from a Marc Jacobs job on this drop.

Links to some past and current staff’s personal sites:

Katherine: www.kaungier.com

Wendy: www.greengirlart.com

Johanna: www.johannawright.com

Adelaide: www.adelaidetyrol.com